> Do I need to register to bid?

Yes, you will need to create an account prior to the bidding event. To do so, click on the create account above.

> What happens if I win on the day?

You will receive an email containing all the information needed such the artwork description and number, hammer price, shipping and handling costs and our contact information.

> Can I make an offer on a lot before the auction?

Yes, you can do so during the presale exhibition and provide a reserve price.

> How do I place a bid at the auction?

To place a bid, find an item you like and click the button “Bid Now.” You will then be directed to a page for that specific item where you which will include images of the lot and its description. You will then need to select the amount of you would like to bid, this should be more than the previous person or the set reserve or starting price.

> Are there any additional fees that I need to pay?

The only additional fees to the hammer price will be those involved for shipping and handling. Purchasing companies may choose to use their corporate accounts with courier companies to arrange for transportation of items.

> What payment methods do you accept?

After winning the auction, the buyer will be contacted by the Schwarz Foundation to finalise the payment and clarify all questions regarding the shipping and protection of the purchased work.
Crypto and Credit Cards are accepted as payment options.

> Can I buy an unsold lot after auction?

Yes. Once the auction ends, item’s labelled Unsold will be available for sale. However, the buyer will go through an additional reputation-check to ensure that his credentials are approved by the artist and the NGO he supports.

> Can I change my mind after making a successful bid?

No, as that will be unfair to the artists, the causes and those involved with the online auction effort.